Wednesday, January 29, 2014

D&D is like Pizza

Those who have tasted pizza have a general idea of what it is.
Those who have played D&D have a general idea of what it is.

Not everybody can agree on what toppings should go on a pizza.
Not everybody can agree on what edition or version of D&D to play.

OD&D/AD&D is like the pizza you used to eat as a kid at the family-owned restaurant. It was nice and basic, and may have been cut into different pieces and styles. Greasy.

AD&D 2e is when that hometown pizzeria went corporate and became an all-you-can-eat buffet. It still tastes about the same, but something's different. Still, there are some loyal customers.

3e is a supreme pizza.
3.5e is a supreme pizza with stuffed crust.

Pathfinder is a supreme pizza stuffed crust with the option of ordering a small meat-lovers.

4e is a deep-dish pizza with every slice cut exactly the same. It takes awhile to eat, but comes with a side of breadsticks and marinara sauce (D&D Essentials).

Castles & Crusades is a thin-crust supreme.

Swords & Wizardry is a Greek-style pizza based on the old recipe from that family restaurant.

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG took that recipe, and replaced the pizza sauce with diced tomatoes (which I think is really tasty but I know others disagree and say it isn't really pizza).


All right, I'm done with the cheesy (har har) analogy. If anybody else has any ideas why D&D is like pizza, feel free to comment.

I'm taking a 2-day break from blogging to get ready for The D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge.

See you Saturday!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We have a badge!

Thanks again to Timothy Brannan for the help! 
Edit: I had to rearrange things to make room. While there's some more changes to be done, I think the blog overall looks better. Once the bloghop is done I'll put the "Points of Light" back into a more prominent position, depending on how'll it'll fit.

The Great Kingdom: A Documentary of Gygax, Arneson, and the early days of TSR

Check out this trailer  for The Great Kingdom, a documentary on the early days of TSR, how Gygax and Arneson came together to form TSR. But once the money became a larger issue, things started going awry.

Favorite quote: "The people with the money controled TSR, and the people with the heart lost it."

The Great Kingdom is a metaphor for the both the early campaign setting for Greyhawk and Blackmoor and TSR.

7 Secrets to a Successful Blog Hop

If you're still undecided whether or not you'll commit to the The D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge, or if this is your first blog hop, these 7 tips should give you some guidance.

These are some lessons I learned from the two month-long challenges I participated in last year, the April A-to-Z Challenge, and the D&D 30 Day Challenge.

Of course, any other helpful advice from the blog hop veterans out there are more than welcome.

1. Start Early.
I can't emphasize this enough. If you sign up for the blog hop today, think about what you're going to write. Heck, start writing today.

Start a writing a post at least day or two ahead of time before it needs published. That way, you'll have time for some revisions, if need be.

2. You don't have to write your posts in order.
Starting early also gives you option to pick and choose the post you want to write first, depending on the difficulty of each topic.

Since I know the topics for Days 27 and 28 will require a lot of thought, I've already written rough drafts of each. The "First Gamer who Annoyed the Hell Out of Me is easy for me to remember, so I'll write about that before tackling "The First Dragon My Character Slew."

Of course, just be sure you publish them in order.

3. Keep your posts short. 
People want to sample what you've got to offer. Be concise and positive. Save the long rants or diatribes for other time.

During the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, my page views per post actually went down because my posts were just too long.

If, for some reason, you haven't checked out Tenkar's Tavern, do so. You'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Erik Tenkar keeps most of his posts short, bite-sized, saving his longer posts for his ire toward failed Kickstarters and the like.

4. Fill in the blanks.
Embellish if you have to.

If you can't remember the name of dungeon you first explored or ran as a DM, call it "The Dungeon of Doom" or the "Ruins of Charn," and just go with it.

Can't remember your first edition war? Tell us about one you do remember and how you sent the other guy packing.

Readers care more about a good story than you trying to get the facts straight. 

5. Read and comment on other blogs in the challenge. 
If you want people to know about, read, and comment on your blog, then read and comment on other people's blogs. That's the real point of a blog hop.

6. Use the blog hop for other projects.
A blog hop is, indeed, a time sink, but it doesn't have to become a sunk cost. Since many bloggers are also writers, think about ways your posts can be used for other projects.

If that doesn't work, file them away for your future memoirs.

7. Finish what you start. 
At some point, usually just before the halfway mark, a blog hop challenge will feel like a slog. Push through it. These tips should help ease your frustration.

In every blog hop, there's bloggers who quit early on--or never even start. In the April 2013 A-to-Z Blogging Challenge I found blogs that hadn't been updated since the April 2012 challenge. Others produced quality content and then just stopped. It's like meeting somebody interesting at a party only have them leave for no apparent reason before the party's over.

My guess is that they've either had "life" get in way or were worried about the quality of their posts. There's also the endurance factor. Blogging everyday for those who aren't used to it can be intimidating.

While you should aim for quality, getting the quantity is just as important. Follow through. People do want to read what you have to say. 

I look forward to dropping by your blog this Saturday.

Monday, January 27, 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge (Another update)

The challenge begins this Saturday!

Have you already been working on your entries?

In other news, an OFFICIAL BADGE IS IN THE WORKS. It'll be posted in the next day or so.

I'll also have a text version of the questions available before Saturday.

We've hit 29 participants so far. I think that's a good number, considering not even the idea existed 3 weeks ago. I'd like to get to 40 by the end of the week.

The deadline for late sign-ups is February 7th.

Linkytools is working great.

You can sign-up here, or on the gadget to the right.

In semi-related news:
Sign-up has already started for the April 2014 Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I went crazy and signed up both my writing blog and d20 Dark Ages. I have no idea what the theme will be for either yet--but I've learned it bests to just cross the Rubicon and see what happens then sit and ponder what could have happened.

Mini Monday: Martian Empires

I'll have an update on the D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge up this evening. Thanks to everybody who's signed up and spreading the word. But in the meantime... 

Yesterday I played Martian Empires, a Victorian/Steampunk wargame loosely based on the John Carter of Mars novels, for the first time.  I'd seen it before, but never had the chance to play now. It turns out to be fun--if you make your command rolls to get your troops moving. It plays a little bit like Warmaster in that regard.

Most resolutions use 2d6. You want to roll low. If your troops have a shooting factor of 6, you want to want to roll 6 or less (modifiers can raise or lower your score). The difference between the two score indicated the hits to do to your opponent. So say if I roll a 4, that's two hits.

A similar mechanic applies to your commander's command rating to activate your troops. My was a 9, but I kept rolling 10s and 11s...

...which is why my elite android troopers got stuck behind my light tank.

Despite this, I managed to hold our left flank, pushing back some red-skinned aliens with spears and shields, even routing a unit. But our right flank fell to some British Tanks, so our side lost.

Amid the carnage, however, I spotted something familar. Even though it was a 15mm figure, it reminded me of something else...

A Thalos Hammerer, from the old D&D Chainmail miniature line from the early 2000s produced by WotC. It just makes me wonder where the folks at Black Hat design get there ideas from. I painted this one up several years ago. I might do some additional touches now that my skills have gotten better since then.

As for Martian Empires, we all had a good time. For me, it was icing on the cake from getting to play Grimmsgate last Saturday.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Playing Grimmsgate!

The plan to put the Swords & Wizardry module Grimmsgate aside and loan it to another Dungeon Master finally paid off--big time. 

Last night, five people came to play through module: 
Myself--whose been longing to play, not run, and old school game for a long time.
An experienced player who might have had more years of gaming than I.
Two new players who had never played tabletop RPGs before. 
And the DM, who was DMing for the first time ever. 

Character creation went fast, even for the new players, who both played fighters (Fighters are just the perfect class for newbies--to hell with anybody says otherwise--because they allow a new player to learn the game without being bogged down with options). I played a dwarven fighter/thief and the other experienced player rolled up a magic-user with 1 hit point! Yeah, we need a cleric--but the referee used the old Judges Guild rules for First Aid--which came in handy. (Not that it mattered--first level clerics in S&W can't cast spells).

Our characters then met on the road to Grimmsgate, each of us having his or her own reasons to explore the mysterious village surrounded by a countryside of abandoned farmhouses.

I'm not going to spoil the module for anybody, but let's just say that Grimmsgate is definitely old school. You've got rumor-gathering. You've got a mysterious village with an even more mysterious ruined temple. Strange NPCs you can't fully trust. A dungeon to explore within a half-hour of the game starting.

We only made it through part of the module. After coming upon something that was too powerful to fight, we turned back. This was after about 4 solid hours of play.

It was wonderful playing in a game not having to think about skill ranks, feats, attacks-of-opportunity, players gawking at their character sheets looking for a power that might be useful, 5-foot squares on a battlemat, and so on. (Heck, the way the dungeon map turned out, drawing it on a battlemat would have been a pain--so we used dice and a few miniatures to indicate relative positions).

Also, kudos to +Matt Finch and anybody else involved in the design and playtesting of Grimmsgate--you made it easy for a first time Referee to run an adventure.  The Referee enjoyed running the module. He said it provided everything he needed to run the game and was very straightforward. He now wants to run an ongoing campaign, in part, because of Grimmsgate, and said he already has some ideas for what comes after the adventure.

Even more important: the two players new to RPGs want to play again. 

I want to play again. I haven't enjoyed a meat-and-potatoes module like this in years. The only problem I had with the module was with mapping. Perhaps that's because I was the mapper, who hadn't mapped in a long time (years of using battlemats can make a mapper rusty) and it was the first time the referee ever described a dungeon map. But it worked in the end.

The next session is scheduled for this coming Friday, on the eve of the D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge. Are you in?

Happy 40th Birthday D&D!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Munnin's Brush's Tour of Reaper Miniatures HQ

Over at Munnin's Brush, a blog dedicated to painting and modelling, what was supposed to be simple trip to the cousin's house turned into a tour of Reaper Miniatures Headquarters in Denton, Texas. (How did that happen? You'll have read the blog).

Here's Part 1: front store and molds, and Part 2: Casting and Paint.

He's taken some really interesting pictures of what goes on "behind the scenes" at Reaper... including how they bottle paints using kidney laboratory pumps (?). You'll have to see for yourselve.

Part 3: Sculpting & Gallery, should be up soon.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge (Update)

There's 21 entrants now (not counting this blog). Thanks to everybody for signing up and getting the word out.

(Edit: if you want to get the code for the blog hop and paste into your blog, you can get it here.)

I especially like The Disoriented Ranger' comments--thank you.

Stelios V. Perdios over at D20 Dark Ages is hosting and taking it serious. No crap Questions like with the one last year (which was not hosted by him, but still fun!) and nicely organized.

We've all dedicated a huge chunk of our lives to the hobby. We play D&D. We talk and blog about D&D. Some of us use miniatures. Others don't. We scratch our heads when WotC makes changes to the game. Some of us are still annoyed that Dragonlance "ruined everything," others still remember their concern when Dragon Magazine stopped coming in the mail (the first time around in 1996), now some of us lamenting the passing of 4e (others cheering). And yet others are probably happily oblivious to the upcoming changes in the industry.

Whether you're "old school" or "new school," you have something to say. For me, this about breaking some preconceptions I've had about the hobby.

Just last week, a friend of my gave me a banker's box full of notes of a DM who passed away a year or two ago. Inside was a snapshot of a gamer's life. He ran AD&D 2e--much differently, it seems--than I did. I might share some of these notes in an upcoming post. But its an example of how diversified this hobby was back this, and is now, and how much time we invest in this hobby. 

So I don't want to waste any one's time.

The only thing that's missing is a proper badge... I'm at a loss. Does anybody have any ideas?

Should the questions themselves be the badge?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

HeroQuest: The Lost Wizard

Last Friday evening, I ran another installment of HeroQuest at Treefort Games. We only had one player, but one player is enough to run the Barbarian, the Dwarf, the Elf, and the Wizard. We were actually trying to drum up interest in a Swords & Wizardry campaign--some of the players who've been showing up for HeroQuest expressed interest in playing D&D. But it was a slow night, a couple people hovered, but no takers.

Yet we had fun anyway.

In this quest the heroes had to find the Emperor's personal wizard, Wardoz, who has gone missing. "The Emperor fears that he has been murdered or succumbed to the lures of Chaos magic." A good a hook as any thus far.

We used my own miniatures for the dwarf, elf, and wizard. If we keep playing regularly, I'm tempted to re-painted the barbarian and then paint the rest of the heroes from the game itself.

The heroes explored the dungeon, encountering some skeletons before finally discovering a room with pit traps and a chest. The dwarf moved forward to disarm the traps--he failed one and fell into a pit trap, but he disarmed the poison needle on the chest. Inside was some gold and a potion of purple liquid he didn't drink.

They backtracked and discovered a sequence of passages guarded by stone Chaos Warriors. It took some effort overcoming these before entering the final chambers of the dungeon. There they fought a Gargoyle. The barbarian almost died. Everybody had been wounded by this point. But they ganged up on the gargoyle and won.

Then they down potions of healing before moving on.

In an adjacent room, they discovered that Wardoz, had indeed, succumbed to Chaos Magic. He had become a Chaos Warlock.

In the original scenario he was just zombie. But I made him a Chaos Warlock with the stats of a chaos warrior and could cast summon undead, tempest, and fear, to make him more of a challenge. But the characters killed him on the first round. The Wizard blasted him with a Ball of Flame.

Then the Barbarian led the way into the last room of the dungeon, fighting a mummy and two skeletons.

The group found some serious treasure: gold coins, The Wizard's Cloak on Wardoz, and Borin's Armor on a weapon's rack. So now the Wizard can roll an extra defence die, and the Barbarian has plate armor that doesn't slow him down.

With these, and other loot, they left the dungeon to collect their reward.

I'm hoping we'll get to play Swords & Wizardry this Friday. While HeroQuest is fun (and simple) to run, I really want to take a turn as a player instead of the referee. I've got a dwarf fighter/thief all rolled up and ready to go.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mini Monday: How do you paint miniatures fast? (While keeping a tabletop standard)

In 2013, I didn't make my personal goal of at painting at least 52 miniatures. This year, I looking into ways of painting miniatures FAST but while maintaining a tabletop standard. 

What are some methods you use to getting the average 25mm or 28mm fantasy or historical miniatures done quickly? 

After poking around in my own miniature collection, looking for miniatures I can fast, I've come up with my own list, but I'm always looking for more advice.

1. Paint in batches (or "the assembly line method").

For wargaming miniatures, this is pretty standard. You paint 10 or more figures of the same type at once. Paint all of the eyes and faces at once, then their helmets. And so on.

If learned that this method can also be used for fantasy figures as well. Once I had some red paint left over from painting an imp, so I looked for other miniatures that needed some red paint. While it this might not save time in the short term, it does in the long term because you don't need open up the red paint bottle again.

2. Pick 25mm over 28mm.
This is pretty self-evident, given that 25mm figures are a smaller and less detailed. Hence, they require less paint.

3. "The Army Painter" method

You paint a batch of miniatures with single coat of paints (often priming them first with their dominant color), then dip them in the Army Painter varnish to both shade and seal them. I've used this method on miniatures that I just want done, and not to worried about them being fancy. The Mordheim priest in the picture above was painted that way, as were the Hundred Years' War generic foot knights below.

Do you know of any other methods? Sharing them would be greatly appreciated. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

In Retrospect: HR1--Vikings Campaign Sourcebook

Thanks to +Todd Rokely for reminding me to start reviewing the Historical Reference series published for AD&D 2e.

The first up is the Vikings Campaign Sourcebook, by David "Zeb" Cook. (Cook also was the lead designer of the AD&D 2e Player's Handbook).

If want to run a Viking historical-fantasy campaign for AD&D Second Edition (or any other 
"old school" D&D system), this sourcebook is great place to start. It covers the general historical background of the Viking Age, from around the year 800 to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. You get a general overview of Viking. culture, starting by dispelling some misconceptions: they weren't bloodthirsty pagan savages who wore horned helms. Cook makes the correct distinction that the term "Viking" describes those Norsemen who went abroad.

The book also describe creatures and magic to be used in the game.

While the Viking Campaign Sourcebook isn't meant to be an academic work, it does have short bibliography at the end of Chapter One. This includes both history and literature--especially the sagas. Some of the history sources might be a bit dated now, given that the book was published in 1991. Still, the historian in me appreciates getting gamers to go beyond the rulebooks for inspiration.

So what exactly do we have here?

is broken down into eight chapters: 
Chapter 1: Introduction (which includes "Suggested Reading)
Chapter 2: A Mini-Course of Viking History
Chapter 3: Of Characters and Combat.
Chapter 4: ...And Monsters.
Chapter 5: Equipment and Treasure.
Chapter 6: Viking Culture.
Chapter 8: A Brief Gazetteer. 

Interspersed throughout are examples of Viking fortresses, cities, and longships, including a map of Denmark, Zealand, and Hedeby (Scandinavia). The book itself comes with a poster-sized map of Europe. 

There's fluff abound--Chapter One gives an overview of the Viking period. Chapter 7 follows the story of Ivar, who spends a year abroad. We learn out how Ivar is both a trader and a raider, as he sails with his men from one place to another. After finding slim opportunities for trade in Hedeby (Scandinavia) and to overcome his reputation as a "coal-chewer" (a lazy person), he raids a village in England. Its an interesting tale highlighting different aspects of Norse culture. Chapter 8 covers lands that have experienced Viking influence--England, Russia, Byzantium, and so on. There's also a section about "imaginary" lands like Alfheim and Jotunheim.

Chapters 3, 4, and 5 give players and DMs plenty of options to pick and choose from for their game. Characters can roll up gifts like a Blood Feud (automatic hostility with another family) or Good Luck (+1 bonus to specific die type). Characters may also be trollborn--have human, half troll.

But the trolls aren't like those in regular AD&D. The monster section, makes this all too clear. Trolls are more like ogres and can cast magic ("50% are highly intelligent wizards of 5th to 13th level"). In fact, a lot of the "standard races" from the Monstrous Compendium behave more like fey--dwarves are spellcasters, too. All Goblins (pukje) cast spells like 4th level wizards. Even giants are taller and more intelligent.

Players who prefer warriors can role up Berserker--the prototye of the D&D 3e Barbarian--who gains bonuses for going into a rage. At higher levels, the Berserker can shapechange into a wolf or a bear, like Beorn in The Hobbit.

A "standard" Viking campaign limits the amount of "flashy" magic in the game. Paladins, Clerics, Druids, and Wizards aren't normally allowed. Those wanting to play a spellcaster may choose a bard, a specialist wizard (Conjurer, Diviner, Enchanter, Illusionist, Necromancer), or a Runecaster. The Runecaster is just that, a maker of runes etched into objects to give them special powers.

Paladins and the standard cleric might just be Christian foreigners, for example. Bards are called "skalds."

There's also two pages of Viking names for their characters to choose from.

Chapter 6 has prices of equipment from the PHB into Viking currency. Those wishing for a more "authentic" Viking can calculate weights and measures of Pennigars, Otrogars, Ores, and Mark with Half-pennies, Silver Pennies, and Arab Dirhams. I'll just stick with copper, silver, and gold. (There's also about a page and a half list of equipment, most of which is "not available"--especially weapons and armor from later era).

The DM, of course, can pick and choose what they want. 

There's only a brief section on Viking religion. You won't find details of Norse gods and goddess here. The book itself recommends looking them up in the AD&D 2e Legends and Lore. There is, however, a list of all of the names of Odin.

Cook gives fair treatment to the subject of women in Viking society. "Female warriors characters are going to cause two reactions in male NPCs. The first is surprise and scorn... [The second] is a certain amount of superstitious awe." (Pages 80-1) Sure, medieval sociey was male-dominated, but Cook notes that women in Norse culture had more rights than elsewhere, and women of power in both reality and legend (like the Valkyries) weren't unknown. The section on women is short, however. Those who want to investigate further should do their own research.

The Viking Campaign Campaign Sourcebook is a starting point for running your own fantasy-historical games in the Viking era for AD&D. Even if you don't run a Viking campaign, there's ideas  you can use for your own games.

Get this if:  you want to run a Viking campaign, need options or ideas for your own low-magic setting, or like to collect AD&D 2e books.

Don't get this if: you're not interested in running historical fantasy campaigns at all.

The pdf version is available at (Which is good thing, because my old "leatherette" copy is starting to fall apart).

Saturday, January 18, 2014

River Battleboard for The Hobbit/LotR Skirmish Game

At my FLGS, a friend of mine spearheaded the construction of this river battle board. Its meant to simulate the "Barrels out of Bond" scenario from the latest LotR miniature game and The Desolation of Smaug. 

It's 4'x6', and each layer is made of plywood. The river banks themselves are constructed from tree bark. The bridge, a type of resin. The island in the middle is movable, as are the trees and the ruins. He's bought the figures of the dwarves and Bilbo made specifically for this scenario from the company-that-shall-not-be-named.

He's also has a dock in the works, along with a section of bridge that spans up to the highest area in the foreground.

It can even be removed and replace with different battle boards that the store has--but this the most intricate made thus far. 

I'm already thinking of all kinds of scenarios for both wargaming and roleplaying. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Games Workshop Stock Tumbles

If you haven't heard, Games Workshop's stock value tumbled almost 25% on Thursday. Apparently, investors are annoyed with GW's business practices along with the fans. This happened the day after GW made official the annoucement of making White Dwarf a weekly magazine, when they released their yearly financials. (Now it looks like they're bouncing back somewhat today).

Masterminis has been been doing a series of covering GW's business practices: how GW shut down deep discount online retailers, how they continue to annoy fans and brick-and-mortar businesses. Yeah, throughout the series there's snark abound, but GW does get a fair shake from time-to-time. The series is informative; there's stuff I didn't know about before--some of it I wish I hadn't, like the shennanigans of GW's legal team threatening shutting down blogs and community websites in the last year or so.

GW just seems hellbent on destroying it own community base of fans in the pursuit of short-term profit--its a psychotic way of doing business, a disconnect from reality. 

Part of me likes reading about this train wreck, but part of me is disgusted by it--I don't want GW to have space inside my head more than necessary.

I just want to use up the remaining GW paints I have and paint the GW miniatures I own and move on to more pleasant pastures. 

Sign up begins today!

Already few bloggers have signed up for the challenge. I'll be approving them as much possible.

It looks like if the blog in the gadget on the right get too long (which they probably will), I'll have to make some adjustments.

But overall Linkytools is working great. Back in September, for  D&D 30 Day Challenge I had to physically add each registrant to the central list as people signed up--this time I don't. (Thanks again to +Timothy Brannan for the suggestion!)

You can enter your blog either on the gadget to the right OR on the main page of the challenge. 

Thanks to everybody who's already signed up and helping promote this challenge!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sign Up Begins After Midnight! The D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge

1. Sign up begins just after midnight, tonight, at 12:01 am. Use the Linky Tools gadget on the right.

2. Blogs will be subject to approval before they will be listed.

3. I'm creating a dedicated page here on d20 Dark Ages to the blog hop.

4 The blog hop itself starts on February 1. Since this is my first time using Linky Tools (and hosting an "official" blog hop), I'm giving myself plenty of time to work out any problems that might arise.

5. I've yet to design a badge. (Perhaps a contest is in order...)

Are you already thinking about your answers to the questions?

Some of that stuff is hard to remember after all of these years. Still, the questions are meant to be for D&D players of all ages, all editions, whether they've been playing for 4 weeks or 40 years. This challenge is meant to "unite the clans," so to speak.

So if you don't remember one of your "firsts," regale us with what you do remember. Tell us a great story.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

White Dwarf Magazine to go Weekly and Crossing the Threshold

Games Workshop has just confirmed they that are changing White Dwarf to a weekly magazine, and publishing a monthly periodical called "Warhammer Visions."

I first heard of this last Saturday, while at my local gaming store. People groaned and moaned. We had a nice little support group going: how Citadel Finecast sucks, how GW charges up the nose for paints and supplies, how stupid the rules are. (But a lot of the miniatures are still cool.) "What the heck is GW thinking?" "When will wargamers stop putting up with this crap?" "Why is Games Workshop screwing around with its fans?" White Dwarf used to be, many years ago, a hobby magazine. Those unfamiliar with this should check out Timothy Brannon's White Dwarf Wednesdays.

We all find it interesting how tight-lipped GW is about its new releases, while other companies will mention them months in advance. GW doesn't have message boards, WotC does. GW exploits the ignorance of its fan base, attempting to keep them in the dark about other companies out there.

Then I shared with them with my story of how, almost a year to the day, I made the decision to get rid of my Warhammer collection, thus freeing myself from such an abusive gaming company.

This went on for sometime. At one point, I turned to the store employee behind the counter and apologized. "I'm sorry if our griping and complaining is costing you any sales."

Then, right on cue, a guy came up and bought the latest 40K Tyrannid Army Book. He kept his head held low and had a grim smile. We all had a good laugh at that. 

Somebody offered a theory: That the fine folks at Games Workshop know that Warhammer players do have threshold of tolerance before they walk away. GW's goal is to get people to the point of that threshold as possible, yet still be addicted to the game. 

That way, while players might bitch and moan about GW's business practices, they'll still keep on spending money.

I started crossing that threshold exactly a year ago, and haven't looked back... much.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Miscellaneous Monday


This should have been Mini-Monday, but I haven't taken pictures of the 12 Welsh Bowmen I painted. There's a number of other figures, too, in the works. So I'm getting a good start to my miniature painting this year. 

The D&D 40th Anniversary Blop Hop Challenge

Plans for the D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge are continuing as planned. Sign up is this Friday, and I'll have an "official" logo by then. Have you thought about your answers to the 28 questions?

Battlestar Galactica Tabletop Wargame

Yesterday I played the Colonials in a large space battle with the Cylons--1st Cylon War, roughly based on the re-imagined TV series. I think the rules were derives from Full Thrust, but I'm not sure. The game features the standard Colonial Battlestars and a handful of escorts versus three Basestars.

The Basestars launched all of their raiders and missiles. One colonial escort got boarded and taken over--and later destroyed. The Battlestar Galactica took quite a bit of damage. Eleven Cylon missiles struck the Battlestar Columbia, the ship I ran, doing quite a bit of hull damage, but nothing critical. Once the Battlestars pushed their way through the Cylon fighter screen, it was over the three Basestars--which were guarding something experimental coming out of orbit from a nearby planet (See the BSG movie: Razor). 

I really want to play another a game. 

"Action Stations! Action Stations! Set condition one throughout the ship!"

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Visit to the Georgia Aquarium

Going to the Georgia Aquarium last week reminded me that there's plenty of "natural" creatures out there that can be used in a D&D game. You don't need orcs and goblins for the adventures to fight--a squid close up is creepy enough, as are giant japanese crabfish, which can grow up to 12 feet long.

From Wikipedia

Okay, so I forgot to bring my camera--the main attractions don't allow cameras anyway.

The entire place is geared more for children for the most part. One of the main attractions, Dolphin Tales, tells a story of the Starspinner who's lost his ship. The ship was sunk by an evil sea monster, have fiery turtle, half battleship-thing with a bony tail. The dude playing the Starspinner even got up in front of the audience and sang while his dolphin minions and their trainers frolicked about in the pool below him.

At one point, he called upon the audience to help raise his ship from the sea. And me, being gullible, actually thought they were going to raise a physical ship from the pool, and maybe have the dolphins leap over it and stuff. But no. They showed a CGI ship on the big screen over the pool. Then the Star Spinner, with the help of his dolphin allies, and his newly resurrected ship, defeated the sea monster thus making the ocean safe once again. He spun a new constellation in the sky that looked like a dolphin in remembrance.

I'm sure there's an adventure plot in there someplace. At the very least folks like Jack Chick would object because it had magic, a devilish looking sea monster, a spirit of the air that blew the Star Spinner's ship out of the belly of the beast, and lots of singing.

The only exhibit that might not be children-friendly featured lots of dissected specimens all over the place. It was odd, because the Aquarium prides itself on having millions of gallons of water to support all of this life, and then I come into a room with a dead emperor penguin with its guts exposed. An eel had been sliced into thin segments--each segment until glass. A white shark with most of its guts missing.

(Maybe it was good thing after all that I forgot my camera.)

I felt like I was in some mad scientists lair, some dude searching for the meaning of life by cutting animals open and putting them on display. Any moment the sea elves would appear and beg me to stop him.

I believe that going to the places like the Georgia Aquarium is good for gamers. We all need to step away from the table from time-to-time and rekindle our sense of wonder in the world around us.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Soundtrack Saturday: Battlestar Galactica Season 2.0/2.5

Here again, after a long hiatus, is Soundtrack Saturday, featuring some recommended songs for your games: 

"Something Dark is Coming"

"Prelude to War" 

"Roslin and Adama"

Thursday, January 9, 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge Update

I've been working on getting things set up for "The D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge" for this coming February. Here's the first updates. 

1. It's now called The D&D 40th Anniversary Blop Hop Challenge. 

2. I've been fiddling with LinkyTools and have put the sign up gadget above the picture of me to the right. Sign up begins on Friday, January 17th, giving me time to familiarize myself further with LinkyTools (Thanks to Timothy Brannan for suggesting LinkyTools).

3. The 28 questions are final. I did some editing, to just to make some questions clearer, or offer alternatives in case somebody couldn't answer them. But they should cover many of the ups and downs a D&D player might encounter. This challenge is meant to be one huge retrospective on what its like to be a D&D player, whether you've been playing for 40 years or 4 weeks. 

At the very least they should get participants to recall some fond memories from the past. Some might be hard to remember--if so, I guess post something you do remember.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blogging Challenge List of Questions

Behold, the tentative list for the D&D 40th Anniversary Blogging Challenge! 

Thanks to +Timothy Brannan for his suggestion--which simplified the list a lot. Are there any other "Firsts" people would like to see added to the list? Any other suggestions are more than welcome. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

C-C-C-Cold! Have you ever played in a winter/Frostfell campaign?

So it's like -20 degrees fahrenheit outside the house I'm staying at and the wind chill is between -40 and -55 degrees. The wind itself has been constant since yesterday, blowing snow across roads, reducing visibility. And there's frost on the inside of some of the window sills.

If you want to have a taste of what's it like inside G2: The Glacier Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, then by all means comes travel to the Midwest before things start warming up tomorrow.

All of this has gotten me to realize that I've never run a campaign featuring extreme cold. The closed I came was about three years ago, when the PCs had to ascend a mountain. The brought along warm clothes--and they weren't even going to the top. That took care of that.

I've been skimming through various rules for characters enduring cold weather in the AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide and the 3.5e Frostburn. It seems like the rules are more complicated than the need to be.

I'd just see the rules as guidelines and use DM fiat. If you don't bundle up--including extremities--you're going to take some damage.

Yet how else do you quantify being in extreme cold?

Since I've never run a campaign featuring the extreme cold I'm facing here in the midwest, I'll just say it's best that your characters should just stay home and wait until it warms up.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

February D&D 28 Day Blogger Challenge?

I've been putting together a list of 28 questions for the 40th Anniversary of Dungeon & Dragons. I'll have them done by the end of the week.

They'll go beyond things like "What's your favorite class/race/etc?" The last 30 day challenge was neat but the questions were too simplistic, In my opinion.

So what kind of questions would you like to answer in a month-long D&D blog hop/challenge?

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Entire AD&D Second Edition Product List

I copied this directly from a thread over at Dragonsfoot. It was posted there way back in 2005 by an anonymous guest. I'm reposting it here for the sake of posterity. This looks complete, unless somebody else has something to add. 

Other product lists include: 
The TSR Archive (which isn't affiliated either old or new TSR, but includes stuff by Mayfair Games)
Phammer, who appears to be putting together lists from every edition of D&D.

If you're looking to expand or restore your D&D collection, all of these would be good places to start.
(I just almost can't believe how much of it has passed through my hands over the years)

Here ya go....

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Rulebooks

2100 Dungeon Master's Guide (original cover)
2101 Player's Handbook (original printing)
2121 Tome of Magic (hardcover)
2121S Tome of Magic (softcover)
2138 Book of Artifacts (hardcover)
2138S Book of Artifacts (softcover)
2159 Player's Handbook (black "revised" printing)
2160 Dungeon Master Guide (black "revised" printing)

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Boxed Sets

1134 Introduction to AD&D (2nd Ed.) with audio CD (small box)
1135 Introduction to AD&D (2nd Ed.) with audio CD (large box)

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Fast Play Game

11331 Wrath of the Minotaur
11373 Eye of the Wyvern
11450 Dungeons & Dragons® Game

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Optional Core Rules

2156 DM's Option: High-Level Campaigns (hardcover)
2156S DM's Option: High-Level Campaigns (softcover)
2149 Player's Option: Combat & Tactics (hardcover)
2149S Player's Option: Combat & Tactics (softcover)
2154 Player's Option: Skills & Powers (hardcover)
2154S Player's Option: Skills & Powers (softcover)
2163 Player's Option: Spells & Magic (hardcover)
2163S Player's Option: Spells & Magic (softcover)
11383 Campaign Option: Council of Wyrms

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - DM Reference Guide

2112 DMRG1 Campaign Source Book & Catacomb Guide
2114 DMRG2 Castle Guide
2123 DMRG3 Arms and Equipment Guide
2128 DMRG4 Monster Mythology
2133 DMRG5 Creative Campaigning
2144 DMRG6 Complete Book of Villains
2151 The Complete Book of Necromancers
2164 Sages and Specialists
2170 Of Ships and the Sea

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Player Reference Guide

2110 PHBR1 The Complete Fighter's Handbook
2111 PHBR2 The Complete Thief's Handbook
2113 PHBR3 The Complete Priest's Handbook
2115 PHBR4 The Complete Wizard's Handbook
2117 PHBR5 The Complete Psionics Handbook
2124 PHBR6 The Complete Book of Dwarves
2127 PHBR7 The Complete Bard's Handbook
2131 PHBR8 The Complete Book of Elves
2134 PHBR9 The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings
2135 PHBR10 The Complete Book of Humanoids
2136 PHBR11 The Complete Ranger's Handbook
2147 The Complete Paladin's Handbook
2148 The Complete Barbarian's Handbook
2150 The Complete Druid's Handbook
2155 The Complete Ninja's Handbook

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Encyclopedia Magica

2141A Encyclopedia Magica, Volume I (faux leather cover)
2141B Encyclopedia Magica, Volume I (smooth cover)
2152A Encyclopedia Magica, Volume II (faux leather cover)
2152B Encyclopedia Magica, Volume II (smooth cover)
2157A Encyclopedia Magica, Volume III (faux leather cover)
2157B Encyclopedia Magica, Volume III (smooth cover)
2161A Encyclopedia Magica, Volume IV (faux leather cover)
2161B Encyclopedia Magica, Volume IV (smooth cover)

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Wizards Spell Compendium

2165 Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume One
2168 Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume Two
2175 Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume Three
2177 Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume Four

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Priests Spell Compendium

11359 Priest's Spell Compendium, Volume One
11421 Priest's Spell Compendium, Volume Two
11611 Priest's Spell Compendium, Volume Three

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Historical Reference Sourcebook

9322 HR1 Vikings Campaign
9323 HR2 Charlemagne's Paladins
9376 HR3 Celts Campaign
9370 HR4 A Mighty Fortress Campaign
9425 HR5 The Glory of Rome Campaign
9408 HR6 Age of Heroes
9469 HR7 The Crusades
AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Player Packs

1112 Fighter's Player Pack
1113 Wizard's Player Pack
1114 Priest's Player Pack
1115 Thief's Player Pack

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Screens

9263 Dungeon Master's Screen (w/module "Terrible Trouble at Tragidor")
9504 Dungeon Master Screen & Master Index
9457 Fighter's Screen
9462 Priest's Screen
9463 Thief's Screen
9468 Wizard's Screen

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Mass Combat Rules

9266 Battlesystem Miniatures Rules
9335 Battlesystem: Skirmishes

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Sites Series

9464 City Sites
9479 Castle Sites
9482 Country Sites

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Card Deck Accessories

9356 CR1 Wizard Spell Cards
9362 CR2 Priest Spell Cards
1090 Cardmaster Adventure Design Deck
9407 Deck of Encounters, set 1
9443 Deck of Encounters, set 2
9423 Deck of Magical Items
9458 Deck of Psionic Powers

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Computer Accessories

2167 AD&D CD-ROM: Core Rules, Version 1.0
2176 AD&D CD-ROM: Core Rules, Version 2.0
11543 AD&D CD-ROM: Core Rules 2.0 Expansion

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Art Books

8441 The Worlds of TSR (Hardcover)
8441P The Worlds of TSR (Softcover)
8443 The Art of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Game
8444 The Art of Dragon Magazine

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Miscellaneous

9353 GR1 Strongholds Fold-Ups
9365 GR2 Dungeons of Mystery Fold-Ups
9377 GR3 Treasure Maps
1067 1991 Factory Trading Card Set
1992 Factory Trading Card Set
1993 Factory Trading Card Set
9380 REF6 Rogues Gallery
9426 Treasure Chest Accessory
9506 Chronomancer
9507 Shaman
9515 Den of Thieves
9518 Treasure Tales
9532 World Builder's Guidebook
9556 Dungeon Builder's Guidebook
9549 College of Wizardry
11326 The Vortex of Madness
11361 Warriors of Heaven
11431 Guide to Hell
8118 Snarfquest Anthology

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Monster Books

2108 Legends & Lore
2140A Monstrous Manual (white cover)
2140B Monstrous Manual (black cover)
2145 Monstrous Compendium, 1994 Annual, Volume 1
2158 Monstrous Compendium, 1995 Annual, Volume 2
2166 Monstrous Compendium, 1996 Annual, Volume 3
2173 Monstrous Compendium, 1997 Annual, Volume 4

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Monstrous Compendiums

2102 MC1 Volume I (w/binder #1)
2103 MC2 Volume II
2104 MC3 Forgotten Realms Appendix I
2105 MC4 Dragonlance Appendix (w/binder #2)
2107 MC5 Greyhawk Appendix
2116 MC6 Kara-Tur Appendix
2109 MC7 Spelljammer Appendix I
2118 MC8 Outer Planes Appendix
2119 MC9 Spelljammer Appendix II
2122 MC10 Ravenloft Appendix I
2125 MC11 Forgotten Realms Appendix II
2405 MC12 Dark Sun Appendix I - Terrors of the Desert
2129 MC13 Al-Qadim Appendix
2132 MC14 Fiend Folio Appendix
2139 Ravenloft Appendix II: Children of the Night
2153 Ravenloft Appendix III
2162 Ravenloft Appendices I and II
2433 Dark Sun Appendix II - Terrors Beyond Tyr
2501 Mystara Appendix
2602 Planescape I
2613 Planescape II
2635 Planescape III

AD&D 2nd Edition Core Products - Monstrous Arcana

9521 I, Tyrant
9522 Eye of Pain
9530 Eye of Doom
9536 Eye to Eye
9539 The Sea Devils
9542 Evil Tide
9550 Night of the Shark
9560 Sea of Blood
9569 The Illithiad
9570 A Darkness Gathering
9571 Masters of Eternal Night
9572 Dawn of the Overmind

AD&D 2nd Edition Adventures - Boxed Sets

1056 Castles
1089 Dragon Mountain
1107 Council of Wyrms
1125 Night Below
1143 Tale of the Comet
1145 The Rod of Seven Parts
1162 Return to the Tomb of Horrors

AD&D 2nd Edition Adventures - Character Challenge Series

9330 HHQ1 Fighter's Challenge
9359 HHQ2 Wizard's Challenge
9420 HHQ3 Thief's Challenge
9429 HHQ4 Cleric's Challenge
9427 Fighter's Challenge II
9454 Wizard's Challenge II
9478 Thief's Challenge II: Beacon Pointe
9483 Cleric's Challenge II

AD&D 2nd Edition Adventures - Diablo 2

11548 Diablo II Adventure Game
11612 Diablo II: The Awakening

AD&D 2nd Edition Adventures - Jakandor Series

9511 Jakandor, Island of War
9512 Jakandor, Isle of Destiny
9472 Jakandor, Land of Legend

AD&D 2nd Edition Adventures - Dungeon® Anthologies

11376 Road to Danger
11444 Dungeons of Despair

AD&D 2nd Edition Adventures - Miscellaneous

9422 GA1 The Murky Deep
9424 GA2 Swamplight
9428 GA3 Tales of Enchantment
9448 Temple, Tower & Tomb
9471 The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga
9503 Labyrinth of Madness
9508 The Silver Key
9533 The Gates of Firestorm Peak
9534 A Hero's Tale
9568 Moonlight Madness
9573 The Lost Shrine of Bundushatur
9586 A Paladin in Hell
11325 The Shattered Circle
11347 Axe of the Dwarvish Lords
11377 Destiny of Kings (revised)
11392 Reverse Dungeon
11442 Bastion of Faith
11445 RPGA®: TSR Jam 1999
11614 The Apocalypse Stone
11662 Die Vecna Die!

AD&D 2nd Edition: Al-Qadim - Boxed Sets

1077 Land of Fate (Al-Qadim Campaign Setting)
1091 City of Delights
9366 ALQ1 Golden Voyages
9431 ALQ2 Assassin Mountain
9432 ALQ3 A Dozen and One Adventures
9433 ALQ4 Secrets of the Lamp
9440 Ruined Kingdoms
9449 Corsairs of the Great Sea
9459 Caravans
9467 Cities of Bone

AD&D 2nd Edition: Al-Qadim - Accessories & Adventures

2146 CGR3 The Complete Sha'ir's Handbook
2126 Arabian Adventures
9584 Reunion (adventure module)

AD&D 2nd Edition: Birthright - Boxed Sets

3100 Birthright Campaign Setting
3103 Cities of the Sun
3121 The Rjurik Highlands
3129 Havens of the Great Bay
3134 Naval Battle Rules: the Seas of Cerilia

AD&D 2nd Edition: Birthright - Domain Sourcebooks

3104 Player's Secrets of Roesone
3105 Player's Secrets of Endier
3106 Player's Secrets of Medoere
3107 Player's Secrets of Tournen
3108 Player's Secrets of Ilien
3109 Player's Secrets of Talinie
3111 Player's Secrets of Ariya
3119 Player's Secrets of Binsada
3120 Player's Secrets of Baruk-Azhik
3122 Player's Secrets of Halskapa
3123 Player's Secrets of Khourane
3124 Player's Secrets of Tuarhievel
3127 Player's Secrets of Stjordvik

AD&D 2nd Edition: Birthright - Modules & Accessories

3101 Blood Enemies: Abominations of Cerilia
3102 Sword and Crown
3110 Warlock of the Stonecrowns
3117 Book of Magecraft
3118 The Sword of Roele
3125 Legend of the Hero-Kings
3126 The Book of Priestcraft
3142 King of the Giantdowns
3147 Tribes of the Heartless Waste

AD&D 2nd Edition: Dark Sun - Boxed Sets

2400 Dark Sun Campaign Setting (original)
2418 The Ivory Triangle
2432 City by the Silt Sea
2438 Dark Sun Campaign Setting (revised)

AD&D 2nd Edition: Dark Sun - Accessories

2419 CGR2 The Complete Gladiator's Handbook
2404 DSR1 Slave Tribes
2407 DSR2 Dune Trader
2411 DSR3 The Veiled Alliance
2413 DSR4 Valley of Dust and Fire
2420 DSS1 City-State of Tyr
2422 DSS2 Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
2423 DSS3 Elves of Athas
2408 Dragon Kings (hardback)
2431 The Will and the Way
2437 Thri-Kreen of Athas
2439 Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs
2441 Beyond the Prism Pentad
2444 Mind Lords of the Last Sea
2445 Defilers and Preservers: The Wizards of Athas
2446 Psionic Artifacts of Athas

AD&D 2nd Edition: Dark Sun - FlipBook Modules - Miscellaneous

2430 Forest Maker

AD&D 2nd Edition: Dark Sun - FlipBook Modules - Freedom Series

2401 DS1 Freedom
2406 DSQ1 Road to Urik
2410 DSQ2 Arcane Shadows
2412 DSQ3 Asticlian Gambit
2416 DSE1 Dragon's Crown

AD&D 2nd Edition: Dark Sun - FlipBook Modules - Black Flame Series

2417 DSM1 Black Flames
2421 DSM2 Merchant House of Amketch
2424 DSM3 Marauders of Nibenay
2428 Black Spine

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance - Boxed Sets

1050 Time of the Dragon
1074 Tales of the Lance
1086 Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance - Accessories

2143 PG1 Player's Guide to the Dragonlance Campaign
1039 Dragonlance board game
1058 Mage Stones board game
2021 Dragonlance Adventures (hardcover)
8372 The History of Dragonlance
8446 Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home
21516 More Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home
8447A The Art of the Dragonlance Saga (1st printing)
8447B The Art of the Dragonlance Saga (2nd printing)
8448 Atlas of the Dragonlance World
8892 1992 Dragonlance Calendar
8895 1995 Dragonlance Calendar
8896 1996 Dragonlance Calendar
8897 1997 Dragonlance Calendar
8899 1999 Dragonlance Calendar

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance - Adventures - DL Series

9130 DL1 Dragons of Despair
9132 DL2 Dragons of Flame
9131 DL3 Dragons of Hope
9139 DL4 Dragons of Desolation
9135 DL5 Dragons of Mystery
9140 DL6 Dragons of Ice
9136 DL7 Dragons of Light
9141 DL8 Dragons of War
9137 DL9 Dragons of Deceit
9144 DL11 Dragons of Glory
9133 DL12 Dragons of Faith
9176 DL13 Dragons of Truth
9180 DL14 Dragons of Triumph
9231 DL15 Mists of Krynn
9237 DL16 World of Krynn
11350 Dragonlance Classic 15th Anniversary Edition

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance - Adventures - DLA Series

9275 DLA1 Dragon Dawn
9285 DLA2 Dragon Knight
9294 DLA3 Dragon's Rest

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance - Adventures - DLC Series

9291 DLC1 Dragonlance Classics, Volume I
9394 DLC2 Dragonlance Classics, Volume II
9453 DLC3 Dragonlance Classics, Volume III

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance - Adventures - DLE Series

9243 DLE1 In Search of Dragons
9244 DLE2 Dragon Magic
9245 DLE3 Dragon Keep

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance - Adventures - DLQ Series

9381 DLQ1 Knight's Sword
9382 DLQ2 Flint's Axe

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance - Adventures - DLR Series

9278 DLR1 Otherlands
9344 DLR2 Taladas: The Minotaurs
9383 DLR3 Unsung Heroes

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance - Adventures - DLS Series

9314 DLS1 New Beginnings
9319 DLS2 Treelords
9327 DLS3 Oak Lords
9334 DLS4 Wild Elves

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance - Adventures - DLT Series

9395 DLT1 New Tales: The Land Reborn
9396 DLT2 Dragonlance Book of Lairs

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance The Fifth Age - Miscellaneous

1148 Fifth Age Campaign Set
1149 The Last Tower: The Legacy of Raistlin
1150 Heroes of Steel
9517 Heroes of Defiance
9543 Heroes of Sorcery
9546 Heroes of Hope
9551 Wings of Fury
9554 Citadel of Light
9564 The Bestiary
9565 Fate Deck
9565A Fate Deck (with "The Haunted Amulet" mini-adventure)
9565B Fate Deck (with "The Dwarven Crown" mini-adventure)
9565C Fate Deck (with "Death on the Deep" mini-adventure)
9565D Fate Deck (with "The Duntollik Run" mini-adventure)
9566 A Saga Companion
9588 Palanthas

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance The Fifth Age - Chaos War Adventures

9587 Seeds of Chaos
11372 Chaos Spawn

AD&D 2nd Edition: DragonLance The Fifth Age - Battle Lines Series

11329 The Sylvan Veil
11396 Rise of the Titans

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Boxed Sets

1031 Forgotten Realms Campaign, 1st Edition
1040 City System
1044 The Great Khan Game
1060 Ruins of Undermountain I
1104 Ruins of Undermountain II
1083 Menzoberranzan
1084 The Ruins of Myth Drannor
1085 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Revised Edition
1109 City of Splendors
1120 Ruins of Zhentil Keep
1121 Spellbound: Thay, Rasheman, & Aglarond
1142 The North
1159 Lands of Intrigue
9561 Empires of the Shining Sea

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - FA Series

9301 FA1 Halls of the High King
9341 FA2 Nightmare Keep

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - FR Series

9213 FR1 Waterdeep & The North
9217 FR2 Moonshae
9224 FR3 Empires of the Sands
9229 FR4 The Magister
9233 FR5 The Savage Frontier
9235 FR6 Dreams of the Red Wizards
9252 FR7 Hall of Heroes
9262 FR8 Cities of Mystery boxed set
9267 FR9 The Bloodstone Lands
9274 FR10 Old Empires
9300 FR11 Dwarves Deep
9324 FR12 The Horde Campaign
9320 FR13 Anauroch
9351 FR14 The Great Glacier
9373 FR15 Gold & Glory
9388 FR16 The Shining South

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Maztica Series

1066 Maztica (boxed set)
9333 FMA1 Fires of Zatal
9340 FMA2 Endless Armies
9349 FMQ1 City of Gold

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Empires Series

1055 The Horde (boxed set)
9281 FRA1 Storm Riders
9290 FRA2 Black Courser
9304 FRA3 Blood Charge

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - FRC Series

9238 FRC1 Ruins of Adventure
9239 FRC2 Curse of the Azure Bonds

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Avatar Series

9247 FRE1 Shadowdale
9248 FRE2 Tantras
9249 FRE3 Waterdeep

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - FRQ Series

9354 FRQ1 Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
9369 FRQ2 Hordes of Dragonspear
9391 FRQ3 Doom of Daggerdale

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Living City Series

8908 LC1 Gateway to Raven's Bluff
9282 LC2 Inside Raven's Bluff, The Living City
9316 LC3 Nightwatch in the Living City
9315 LC4 Port of Raven's Bluff
9575 The City of Ravens Bluff

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Oriental Adventures / Kara-tur Series

1032 Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms (boxed set)
9307 FROA1 Ninja Wars
9164 OA1 Swords of the Daimyo
9186 OA2 Night of the Seven Swords
9195 OA3 Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior
9203 OA4 Blood of the Yakuza
9242 OA5 Mad Monkey vs. the Dragon Claw
9257 OA6 Ronin Challenge
9258 OA7 Test of the Samurai

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Undermountain Dungeon Crawl

9519 The Lost Level
9528 Maddgoth's Castle
9538 Stardock
9562 Hellgate Keep

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Elminster’s Ecologies

1111 Elminster's Ecologies (boxed set)
9489 Elminster's Ecologies I: Battle of Bones
9490 Elminster's Ecologies II: High Moor

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Arcane Age Series

1147 Netheril: Empire of Magic (boxed set)
1165 Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves
9540 How the Mighty Are Fallen
9558 The Fall of Myth Drannor

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Underwater Series

11393 Sea of Fallen Stars
11405 The Wyrmskull Throne

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Marco Volo Series

9444 Departure
9450 Journey
9455 Arrival

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Sword of the Dales Series

9484 The Sword of the Dales
9485 The Secret of Spiderhaunt
9488 The Return of Randal Morn

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Volo’s Guide Series

9379 Volo's Guide to Waterdeep
9393 Volo's Guide to the North
9460 Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast
9486 Volo's Guide to Cormyr
9524 Volo's Guide to the Dalelands
9535 Volo's Guide to All Things Magical
11626 Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate II

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Sourcebooks

2106 Forgotten Realms Adventures
2142 PG2 Player's Guide to the Forgotten Realms
9297 FOR1 Draconomicon
9326 FOR2 Drow of the Underdark
9346 FOR3 Pirates of the Fallen Stars
9390 FOR4 Code of the Harpers
9430 FOR5 Elves of Evermeet
9475 FOR6 The Seven Sisters
9487 FOR7 Giantcraft
9491 FOR8 Pages from the Mages
9492 FOR9 Wizards and Rogues of the Realms
9509 FOR10 Warriors and Priests of the Realms
9547 FOR11 Cult of the Dragon
11316 FOR12 Demihumans of the Realms
11430 FOR13 Secrets of the Magister
9516 Faiths & Avatars
9525 Heroes' Lorebook
9552 Villains' Lorebook
9563 Powers & Pantheons
9585 Demihuman Deities
9545 Prayers From the Faithful
11509 Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the Underdark

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Trail Maps

9401 TM4 Waterdeep Trailmap
9402 TM5 Kara-Tur Trailmap

AD&D 2nd Edition: Forgotten Realms - Modules - Miscellaneous

9389 FRM1 The Jungles of Chult
9392 FRS1 The Dalelands
8442 The Forgotten Realms Atlas
9358 Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue
9410 Cormyr
9465 Forgotten Realms Book of Lairs
9474 The Moonsea
9520 The Vilhon Reach
9531 Four From Cormyr
9544 Castle Spulzeer
9574 For Duty & Deity
9589 Calimport
11337 The Accursed Tower
11348 Skullport
11451 Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas CD-ROM
11622 Dungeon of Death
11627 Cloak & Dagger
11634 Into the Dragon's Lair

AD&D 2nd Edition: Greyhawk - Boxed Sets

1015 World of Greyhawk (boxed set version)
1043 The City of Greyhawk
1064 From the Ashes
1068 Greyhawk Wars

AD&D 2nd Edition: Greyhawk - Modules - WG Series

9065 WG4 Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
9112 WG5 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure
9153 WG6 Isle of the Ape
9222 WG7 Castle Greyhawk
9253 WG8 Fate of Istus
9251 WG9 Gargoyle
9265 WG10 Child's Play
9269 WG11 Puppets
9270 WG12 Vale of the Mage

AD&D 2nd Edition: Greyhawk - Modules - WGA Series

9279 WGA1 Falcon's Revenge
9289 WGA2 Falconmaster
9302 WGA3 Flames of the Falcon
9309 WGA4 Vecna Lives!

AD&D 2nd Edition: Greyhawk - Modules - WGR Series

9292 WGR1 Greyhawk Ruins
9360 WGR2 Treasures of Greyhawk
9386 WGR3 Rary the Traitor
9398 WGR4 The Marklands
9399 WGR5 Iuz the Evil
9405 WGR6 The City of Skulls

AD&D 2nd Edition: Greyhawk - Modules - WGS Series

9317 WGS1 Five Shall be One
9337 WGS2 Howl From the North

AD&D 2nd Edition: Greyhawk - Modules - Lost Tombs Series

9579 The Star Cairns
9580 Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad
9581 The Doomgrinder

AD&D 2nd Edition: Greyhawk - Modules - Silver Anniversary Series

11327 Return to the Keep on the Borderlands
11413 Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff
11434 Return to White Plume Mountain

AD&D 2nd Edition: Greyhawk - Modules - Miscellaneous

9406 WGM1 Border Watch
9385 WGQ1 Patriots of Ulek
2023 Greyhawk Adventures (hardcover)
9025 World of Greyhawk Folio
9576 Return of the Eight
9577 The Adventure Begins
9578 Greyhawk Player's Guide
11374 The Scarlet Brotherhood
11621 Slavers

AD&D 2nd Edition: Lankhmar - Boxed Sets

1144 Lankhmar Rules & Campaign Setting

AD&D 2nd Edition: Lankhmar - Accessories

9162 Lankhmar: City of Adventure (1st Ed.)
2137 Lankhmar: City of Adventure (2nd Ed.)
9461 Rogues in Lankhmar
9470 Cutthroats of Lankhmar

AD&D 2nd Edition: Lankhmar - Modules

9150 CA1 Swords of the Undercity
9170 CA2 Swords of Deceit
9276 LNA1 Thieves of Lankhmar
9305 LNA2 Nehwon
9318 LNA3 Prince of Lankhmar
9371 LNQ1 Slayers of Lankhmar
9295 LNR1 Wonders of Lankhmar
9329 LNR2 Tales of Lankhmar
9481 Avengers in Lankhmar

AD&D 2nd Edition: Mystara - Boxed Sets

1105 First Quest - Intro to AD&D
2500 Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure
2511 Glantri: Kingdom of Magic
2504 Red Steel Campaign Expansion (boxed set)
9500 Red Steel - Savage Baronies Accessory

AD&D 2nd Edition: Mystara - Modules

2502 Hail the Heroes
2509 Night of the Vampire
2513 Mark of Amber

AD&D 2nd Edition: Mystara - Accessories

2506 Poor Wizard's Almanac III
2517 Joshuan's Almanac
2510 Player's Survival Kit
2512 Dungeon Master's Survival Kit

AD&D 2nd Edition: Planescape - Boxed Sets

2600 Planescape Campaign Setting
2603 Planes of Chaos
2607 Planes of Law
2615 Planes of Conflict
2610 Player's Primer to the Outlands
2621 Hellbound: The Blood War

AD&D 2nd Edition: Planescape - Accessories

2609 In The Cage: A Guide to Sigil
2611 The Factol's Manifesto
2620 The Planewalker's Handbook
2623 On Hallowed Ground
2624 Uncaged: Faces of Sigil
2625 A Guide to the Astral Plane
2630 Faces of Evil: the Fiends
2633 A Guide to the Ethereal Plane
2634 The Inner Planes

AD&D 2nd Edition: Planescape - Modules

2601 The Eternal Boundary
2604 The Well of Worlds
2605 In the Abyss
2606 The Deva Spark
2608 Fires of Dis
2614 Harbinger House
2619 Something Wild
2626 Doors to the Unknown
2628 The Great Modron March
2629 Faction War
2631 Dead Gods
2632 Tales From the Infinite Staircase

AD&D 2nd Edition: Ravenloft - Boxed Sets

1053 Ravenloft Campaign Setting, 1st Ed. ("Realm of Terror")
1079 Forbidden Lore
1088 Castles Forlorn
1103 Masque of the Red Death Campaign Setting
1108 Ravenloft Campaign Setting, 2nd Ed.
1124 The Nightmare Lands
1141 Bleak House

AD&D 2nd Edition: Ravenloft - Van Richten’s Guides

9345 RR3 Van Richten's Guide to Vampires
9355 RR5 Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts
9412 RR6 Van Richten's Guide to the Lich (RS1)
9416 RR7 Van Richten's Guide to Werebeasts
9417 Van Richten's Guide to the Created
9451 Van Richten's Guide to the Ancient Dead
9477 Van Richten's Guide to Fiends
9496 Van Richten's Guide to the Vistani
11447 Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium, Volume One
11507 Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium, Volume Two
11613 Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium, Volume Three

AD&D 2nd Edition: Ravenloft - Children of the Night

9513 Vampires
9555 Ghosts
9583 Werebeasts
11360 The Created

AD&D 2nd Edition: Ravenloft - RA Series

9298 RA1 Feast of Goblyns
9321 RA2 Ship of Horrors
9338 RA3 Touch of Death

AD&D 2nd Edition: Ravenloft - RM Series

9413 RM1 Roots of Evil
9414 RM2 The Created
9415 RM3 Web of Illusion
9418 RM4 House of Strahd
9419 RM5 Dark of the Moon

AD&D 2nd Edition: Ravenloft - RQ Series

9352 RQ1 Night of the Walking Dead
9364 RQ2 Thoughts of Darkness
9375 RQ3 From the Shadows
AD&D 2nd Edition: Ravenloft - Grim Harvest Trilogy

9523 Death Unchained
9526 Death Ascendant
1146 Requiem: The Grim Harvest

AD&D 2nd Edition: Ravenloft - Miscellaneous

9439 RE1 Adam's Wrath
9331 RR1 Darklords
9336 RR2 Book of Crypts
9348 RR4 Islands of Terror
1163 The Shadow Rift
2174 Domains of Dread
9452 The Awakening
9456 Hour of the Knife
9466 Howls in the Night
9476 When Black Roses Bloom
9493 Circle of Darkness
9494 A Light in the Belfry
9495 Chilling Tales
9497 The Evil Eye
9498 The Gothic Earth Gazetteer
9499 Neither Man Nor Beast
9510 Forged of Darkness
9529 A Guide to Transylvania
9537 The Forgotten Terror
9541 Servants of Darkness
9559 Champions of the Mists
9582 Vecna Reborn
11382 Carnival

AD&D 2nd Edition: Spelljammer - Boxed Sets

1049 AD&D Adventures In Space
1065 Legend of the Spelljammer
1072 War Captain's Companion
1087 The Astromundi Cluster

AD&D 2nd Edition: Spelljammer - Accessories

2130 CGR1 The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook
9313 SJR3 DM's Reference Screen

AD&D 2nd Edition: Spelljammer - Modules

9273 SJA1 Wildspace
9286 SJA2 Skull & Crossbows
9299 SJA3 Crystal Spheres
9325 SJA4 Under the Dark Fist
9347 SJQ1 The Heart of the Enemy
9280 SJR1 Lost Ships
9312 SJR2 Realmspace
9328 SJR4 Practical Planetology
9361 SJR5 Rock of Bral
9374 SJR6 Greyspace
9409 SJR7 Krynnspace
9411 SJR8 Space Lairs

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