AD&D 2e Resources  is the #1 website to go to research AD&D 2e materials. Includes:
--A Dungeon Magazine Index.
--Castle Builder.

AD&D Second Edition Rules Online at Purple Worm.
--AD&D Core Rules CD Rom available for free access.
--No Downloads.

AD&D 2e Facebook Group

AD&D 2e Google+ Community

An archive that includes 2e materials
--Includes material for mulitple campaign settings (Forgotten Realms, Birthright, etc).
--A few first edition modules.
--Ivid the Undying for Greyhawk in RTF with maps.
--An RTF version of Legends and Lore.

Dragon Magazine Index

Monster Index for 2e

A blog with house rules and adventures

A 2e Spellbook App from Google Play

A blog with house rules and adventures

Thac0's Hammer--"The Best Damn 2nd Edition Podcast Ever"


  1. i reeeaaalllly need the character sheet from feast of goblyns, if you find a copyy please send it to

  2. Thanks for the plug. Much appreciated.

    -DM Glen


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